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The Gaston

The Gaston


The Gaston, named after Shelby's first love, is our men's soap from the Signature Organic Pure Coco Collection. Made for normal to oily skin, the blend of green clay and charcoal will purify your body and face. The scent of the soap, inspired by Quebec's beautiful forests, is energizing at any moment of the day.


120g organic product.


INCI Ingredients Sodium cocoate (noix de coco/coconut), Aqua, Cedrus atlantica (cèdre de l'Atlas/Atlas cedar) bark oil, Picea mariana (épinette noire/black spruce) leaf oil, Abies balsamea (sapin baumier/balsam fir) needle oil, Activated charcoal (charbon), Montmorillonite (argile verte/green clay).

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