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The Escape

The Escape


When you need to get away...but just can't, the smell of Siberian fir and Atlas cedar will seemingly transport you to the forest. Named after our little escape artist who taught herself how to open the front door when it is not locked.


150g hydrating bomb.


INCI Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate (bicarbonate de soude), Citric acid (acide citrique), Sodium chloride (sel/salt), Butyrospermum Parkii (beurre de karité/shea butter), Vitis vinifera seed oil (huile de pépins de raisins/grapeseed oil), Abies sibirica (sapin de Sibérie/Siberian fir), Cedrus atlantica bark oil (cèdre de l'Atlas/Atlas cedar), Montmorillonite (argile verte/green clay), Kaolin (argile blanche/white clay).


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