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The Adventure : For scalp stimulation

The Adventure : For scalp stimulation


For some, an adventure is climbing Mount Everest. For Shelby, it is hiding under the bushes while watching the neighborhood squirrels. Whatever your adventure style, this shampoo for men will transport you to the forest with its scent of fir and cedar. The mix of nettle, brahmi and green clay powder is an enriching hair treatment that helps fight against hair loss and dandruff.


Good for all hair types.


Available in 50g or 100g format.


INCI Ingredients: Sodium cocoyl isethionate, Persea gratissima (avocat/avocado) oil, Aqua, Urtica dioica (ortie/nettle) leaf extract, Bacopa monnieri (brahmi) powder, Illite (argile verte/green clay), Cedrus atlantica (cèdre de l'Atlas/Atlas cedar) bark oil, Abies sibirica (sapin de Sibérie/Siberian fir) oil.

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